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Colorado Jack

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Colorado Jack is a well-crafted popcorn made Jack's way with a sizable pop and full-throttle flavor. All popcorn seeds sown are non-GE/GMO, gluten-free and 100% whole grain. Jack blends the most distinct and satisfying seasonings to coat his popcorn.

Colorado Jack is owned and operated by a 4th generation farm family. The family operates processing plants that handle dry edible beans and barley in North Dakota. In 2013 they entered a partnership that purchased a facility in Colorado that processes beans as well as raw popcorn.

Searching for a way to diversify and sell more of their popcorn they decided to enter the business of pre-popped flavored popcorn, and Colorado Jack was formed. The name paying tribute to the business in Colorado Jack's Bean Company, which has been in operation since 1932. Jack's Bean Company is dedicated to growing, processing and delivering high quality popcorn kernels.

This dedication begins with the varieties chosen to plant and continues on through the harvest season with close contact with their growers. The popcorn varieties that Colorado Jack uses provide a large pop that are well suited for unique blends of seasonings.

Their popcorn is grown in Colorado and Nebraska and then the raw kernels are shipped to facilities in North Dakota for popping and flavoring.
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