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Genesis Organics

Table Potatoes
Genesis Organics partnered with Camas Organics, a premier grower of 100% certified organic Idaho potatoes for both domestic and international markets.

Camas Organics is owned and managed by Don McFarland and his wife Carol. The companies together are continually searching for varieties that are suited for organic production, and best meet the needs of the market place and the discriminating organic consumer.

Don McFarland, Grower and Co-Owner of Genesis Organics, along with his wife Carol, and Co-owner and Factory Manager Manuel Flores, are confident that they have developed a state of the art, European style, year-round packing operation.

By utilizing boxes for storage and movement into the packing facility, temperature can be controlled, and bruising kept to a minimum.

A new innovative refrigerated storage designed for box storage ensure constant quality. The storage power is generated by solar panels and the surplus power will help provide electricity to the packing facility.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Genesis Organics
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