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Wada Farms partners with Genesis to improve organic potatoes availability

Kevin Stanger, president of Wada Farms Marketing (left), and Don McFarland, co-owner of Genesis Organics (right)
(Courtesy: Wada Farms Marketing Group)

August 30, 2018

Wada Farms announced this week it has entered into a strategic partnership with organic potato packer Genesis Organics located in Southern Idaho.

This new exclusive partnership provides new avenues for growth in the organic potato category with most notable being a longer supply availability to service all retail and foodservice industries on a year-round basis.

Kevin Stanger, President, Wada Farms Marketing:

“The demand for organic produce continues to grow in an exponential fashion. Customers are asking for more organic options when it comes to potatoes, and we are proud to be able to respond to that demand.”

“This new partnership will further enhance our ability to be a one-stop shop pertaining to all things organic and conventional in the potato world.”

“We’re taking the pressure off buyers having to source from multiple locations throughout the year.”

“At the end of the day, we can provide fresh organic options with efficient, convenient supply chain solutions.”

Genesis Organics, working with Camas Organics, has developed an agriculturally proficient program that allows for premium quality that stands at the fore front of the organic potato industry.

Genesis Organics Potato Field

The Genesis program is centered around developing strong, viable seed that will ensure consistent quality throughout the lifecycle of the tuber.

Don McFarland, Grower & Co-Owner of Genesis Organics:

“We are confident that our partnership with Wada Farms will result in delivery of the best varieties, in the best condition, to meet the demand of the discriminating, health conscious retailers and consumers in our ever-changing environment today.”

“We are continually searching for varieties that meet that need.”

The partnership between Wada Farms Marketing Group and Genesis Organics supports mutual commitments to sustainably grow an organic program that stands on its own from the rest of the industry.

This in turn will provide more health-conscious consumers with more affordable and readily available certified organic produce on a year-round basis.

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