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Inter Agra

Inter Agra is a company specializing in producing high-quality fruit and vegetable storage containers in storage around the world.

Modern technology of production, top-quality construction wood from the forests of Northern Europe, many years of experience (they have been on the market for 15 years!), detailed quality control at every stage of production – all this allows us to offer high-quality products with long life.

The lifespan of their wooden boxes is estimated to be around 15 years, and the technology and quality of production can reduce the costs of repairs and service to the minimum.

By ordering wooden boxes in their company you can be sure that the whole process is supervised by a team of experienced specialists. Fantastic recommendations from teir customers from almost the whole world are an additional motivation for us to develop further.
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Inter Agra
  • ul. Zagórska 83
    42-680 Tarnowskie Góry