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Kaida (Beijing Kaida Hengye Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd)

Kaida is a Chinese company manufacturing processed fruit and potato products. The company incorporates the complete product value chain including R&D, farming, post- harvest processing and sales.

In response to the 13th National Five-Year Plan - part of a series of Chinese social and economic development initiatives - to promote potato as staple food and modernize the potato processing industry in anticipation of demand growth, Kaida invested in two large agricultural product processing plants in Beijing and Inner Mongolia.

The ambition of Kaida is to lead the industry through technological innovation, and champion automation in the industry.

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Kaida Headquarters

Kaida Headquarters

Crucial to Kaida’s success is its commitment to always putting product quality at the forefront of its activity. This has allowed the company to establish long-term partnerships with leading food processing and global retail brands, such as 7-Eleven, Pepsi Co, Kraft, Synear and Sanquan.

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Video Impression Kaida production facilities (Courtesy: TOMRA)

Video Impression Kaida production facilities (Courtesy: TOMRA)

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