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New Kaida potato processing facilities include TOMRA Peelers and Sorters

TOMRA dry peel remover in the Beijing plant of Kaida Hengye Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd

After 15 years of development, Kaida (Beijing Kaida Hengye Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd) has grown into a leading vegetable and fruit chips exporter in China.

The company’s products continue to become increasingly popular in countries with strict food safety regulations such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, the US and the member states of the EU.

By incorporating a complete product value chain including R&D, farming, post- harvest processing and sales, Kaida has become an expert in processing fruits and potatoes. It is also recognized as a distinguished high-tech company with a number of labels in the Chinese agricultural processing industry.

Crucial to Kaida’s success is its commitment to always putting product quality at the forefront of its activity. This has allowed the company to establish long-term partnerships with leading food processing and global retail brands, such as 7-Eleven, Pepsi Co, Kraft, Synear and Sanquan.

In response to the 13th National Five-Year Plan - part of a series of Chinese social and economic development initiatives - to promote potato as staple food and modernize the potato processing industry in anticipation of demand growth, Kaida invested in two large agricultural product processing plants in Beijing and Inner Mongolia. The ambition of Kaida is to lead the industry through technological innovation, and champion automation in the industry.

Crucial to Kaida’s success is its commitment to always putting product quality at the forefront of its activity

After thorough investigation and evaluation, Kaida decided to choose one of TOMRA’s state-of-the-art steam peeling and optical sorting solutions.

TOMRA’s worldwide industry experience was also able to stabilize processing efficiency and boost automation levels. Furthermore, it was effective in quality control and yield improvement.

Seeing is Believing: Reliable High Efficiency and Low Peeling Loss

Wang Haitao, project manager for Kaida’s new potato processing base in Beijing comments on the partnership with TOMRA.

Wang Haitao:

“Consistently high sorting and peeling efficiencies, alongside stable performance, are two of the reasons why TOMRA is widely trusted by large food brands around the world.”

“Combining cutting edge technology with innovative design, TOMRA’s intelligent sorting solutions can effectively sort against criteria including size, color, whether there are any blemishes or damage, subtle defects and foreign materials in potatoes, French fries and potato chips.”

“At the same time, TOMRA technology ensures the waste of good product is kept to minimum.”

“TOMRA’s steam peeling technology boasts a four to six percent peeling loss, a number significantly lower than the average industry level, and is the optimal solution combining efficiency with low energy consumption.”

“We didn’t make the decision overnight. We undertook in-depth research on various potato peeling technologies, including abrasive peeling and steam peeling, and compared the solutions offered by several suppliers.”

“We also visited several French fry and potato chip processing facilities, owned by global brands, which enabled us to see with our own eyes TOMRA’s steam peelers, dry peel separators, whole potato sorters and French fry sorters in action. We were also able to learn from their experience of using the sorters.”

“We were impressed by what we saw and heard during our research. We then took the evaluation to the next level and conducted a peeling test at a flakes manufacturer. The results were convincing; with relatively low quality potato input, TOMRA’s peeler still managed to keep the peeling loss below six percent, which is very impressive.”

“Our OEM customer who also has a TOMRA peeling line confirmed that steam peeling will not affect the taste or quality of the final products.”

“By then, we had more than enough confidence in working with TOMRA, and believed their solutions were the most suitable for our production lines.”

Liu Chang An, CEO and Chairman, Kaida:

“TOMRA has over 40 years of industry experience in steam peeling and optical sorting, and its technology is widely recognized among large French fry and potato chip brands, including our OEM customers.”

“In Kaida, our ambition is to be a leader in the vegetable and fruit processing industry, so we chose to work with a partner that has the best technology and expertise."
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Video Impression Kaida production facilities (Courtesy: TOMRA)

Consistently High Performance puts Customers' Mind at ease

In October 2016 the commissioning and installation of a complete TOMRA peeling and sorting line was launched in Kaida’s Beijing potato processing line.

The line consists of an Orbit steam peeler, a Titan whole potato sorter and a Genius French fry sorter.

Since its launch, the line has been delivering a stable performance, at an average output of six tons per hour. Liu Chang An, Kaida CEO and chairman:



“The consistently high performance provided by TOMRA, combined with a higher yield than the industry average, helps Kaida to achieve substantial raw material savings.”

“Compared with the 10-30 percent peeling loss with mechanical peeling, Kaida’s new facility in Beijing has a six percent loss, which will generate an additional 1,150 – 6,900 tons of raw material savings per year.”

“We undertook on-site tests at the facilities of various steam peeling solution providers, and these test results showed clearly that TOMRA’s technology generates between two and four percent material savings, which means we can produce more French fries with the same amount of raw potato materials.”

“In the long term, the gains we make will be remarkable. Moreover, TOMRA sorters are very effective in sorting out all kinds of defects and foreign materials, ensuring consistently high product quality.”

“This is exactly what we need to build a strong brand.”

Local Service Network

Speaking on TOMRA’s local service Jin Yali, general manager of Kaida's Beijing plant:





“TOMRA’s local team was able to recommend solutions that are most suited to Kaida’s new processing lines.”

“The team was also able to arrange tests to demonstrate the low peeling loss and high sorting efficiency. After installation, we were invited to attend a five day operation training course which enabled our operators to handle the daily operation and maintenance of the line at ease.”

“TOMRA provides regular checks and optimization before each production season, ensuring smooth production during busy times.”

“Most important of all, we have access to a 24/7 service hotline.”



Jin Yali, general manager of Kaida Beijing plant:

"I don’t have to worry about TOMRA machines, because they are reliable and we have access to a local service network and a local spare part center in Xiamen.”

“My mind is at ease.”

TOMRA equipment in Kaida’s new facility in Inner Mongolia

Kaida’s new facility in Inner Mongolia will be commissioned in Q2 2017, and will also comprise of an Orbit steam peeler, a Titan whole-potato sorter and a Genius French fry sorter.



Liu Chang An, CEO and Chairman, Kaida

"The performance of TOMRA’s peeling and sorting solutions in Beijing plant reassured me that I’ve made the right decision.”

“And I have no doubt the same high performance will be guaranteed on our Inner Mongolia line.”

“I look forward to having long-term cooperation with TOMRA."