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KMC (Kartoffelmelcentralen)

KMC started as a producer of potato starch and potato flakes, located in Denmark. In fact, the company was founded on the basis of one single product – native potato starch.

KMC has subsequently made regular additions to their range of products, such as potato flakes, granules and they now supply special ingredients to customers all over the world – primarily in the food sector but also in the manufacturing industry.

KMC has the following Production sites: AKM Brande, KK Karup, AKS Toftlund, KMC Derivat, KMC Granules and KMC Tapioca.

Annually, KMC processes more than one billion kilos (one million tonnes) of potatoes. From these potatoes, it creates 250,000 tonnes of starch as well as 20,000 tonnes of flakes and granules, which it sells to 80 countries worldwide

Turnover in 2017 is expected to reach circa €190 million, a 15-20% increase from the previous year.

KMC currently employs 180 people - 300 if you include those working in the factories. The company is currently working to rebuild and modernize all three factories, a project that is expected to be completed in 2019.
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KMC (Kartoffelmelcentralen)
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