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Luonnosta Finland Oy

Luonnosta Finland Oy is a Finnish trading company in the fruit and vegetable industry. About half of the turnover comes from export, import or trading outside Finland, and our contact network reaches from all over Europe to Middle East and Africa.

Our main trading products are potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbages, beetroots and avocados, but we supply also other vegetables, fruit and processed potato products. Also organic products are available. Packaging possibilities range from consumer packages to bulk deliveries. Contact us for more information!

Luonnosta Finland Oy, founded in 1986, has become the leading exporter of potatoes and vegetables in Finland. The Luonnosta way of doing business is flexible, active, knowledgeable, solution focused and global. Our mission is to supply our customers with exactly the right kind of product for their needs. This is made possible by using professional contract farmers and tight quality control.

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Luonnosta Finland Oy
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    91800 Tyrnävä