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Mash Direct Ltd

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Mash Direct is a manufacturer of refrigerated mashed potato products in Northern Ireland. A state of the art factory was built on the farm, where MashDirect produces a range of steam cooked mashed vegetables, selling through retail outlets and food service companies.

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News for this Company

Mash Direct launched their latest potato-based product.
February 18, 2022

Mash Direct launched their latest potato-based product

The Skinny Fries product is developed from their famous home-grown potatoes thinly cut, coated in a light crispy batter, and fried for a perfect texture.
April 03, 2012

Ulster Farmers’ Union visits Mash Direct to discuss potato industry

Following a series of meetings focused on the Northern Ireland’s potato industry Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) deputy president Harry Sinclair has said the potato sector is, and will continue to be an important part of Northern Ireland’s agriculture industry.
 Mash Direct
April 20, 2010

Tight Pack Control at Mash Direct

An Ishida tray sealer and checkweigher/metal detector combination at Mash Direct, manufacturer of Ireland’s leading quick-serve mashed potato, vegetable and cabbage products, are delivering speed and efficiency in the packing process, as well as helpi...