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Medora Snacks, LLC

Company Description
Medora Snacks, LLC was founded in 2008 in Middletown, New York, and its primary brand, PopCorners®, is a high growth, better-for-you popped corn snack with a strong track record in the club and grocery segments within the U.S. and Canada and a presence in over 50 countries worldwide.

Medora currently offers PopCorners® in seven flavors and the Company is in the process of rolling out new products, including better-for-you popped potato chips and popped bean chips.

PopCorners® in seven flavors

Other brands/products include popcrinkles, a lightly popped potato based crinkle cut chip and skinnychippers, a popped corn snack marketed as a flavorful, guilt-free dipper that is preservative and gluten free.
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30 South Ocean Avenue
Suite 203 B
Freeport, NY 11520
United States
+1 516-566-2301
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