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Oberlin Filter Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary of Oberlin Filter Company in 1999 to further develop their market in the United Kingdom, Ireland and throughout Europe including the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

They are an engineering company. Their engineers are your project managers and are responsible to you for the filter’s satisfactory operation. They supervise your order from initial design stage, through production and startup. They are always available for support.

They have built a sound reputation for bespoke automatic filtration equipment for water or coolant applications in the fields of Aerospace, Medical, Rotor and Gear Grinding and Automotive. Additionally, fields include surface treatment, Zinc Phosphates and hot frying oils.

An important, consistent and growing part of their business is media supply. They supply into all the above plus other engineering/manufacturing disciplines: bearings, blades/knives, gears etc.
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Oberlin Oil Filtration
April 24, 2014

Global cooperation between Oberlin Filters and Florigo

The Oberlin Filter company has appointed Florigo Industry to become their global agent for the potato part of the Food Industry.