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Oregon Potato Company

Company Description
Oregon Potato Company is a privately held corporation with two production operations. The Oregon Potato Company operates a potato processing plant in Warden, Washington and another in Boardman, Oregon.

The plant in Oregon is called Oregon Potato Company. Oregon Potato Company is also the corporate name and location. The Oregon Potato Company produces potato flakes and flour (grind) at this location.

The plant in Washington is called Washington Potato Company. At this location the company produces potato flakes, flour (grind) and what they call dehydrofrozen (whatever that is...) diced potatoes.
Product Types

Washington Potato Company

The Washington plant of the Oregon Potato Company is referred to as Washington Potato Company. The company manufactures dehydrated potato products.

Dickinson Frozen Foods

Dickinson Frozen Foods is a premier provider of IQF Onions and Roasted Potatoes.
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Contact Information
East Columbia Avenue
Boardman, OR 97818
United States
+1 (541) 481 3443