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Pace International, LLC - Biox

Company Description
Pace International manufactures and distributes high quality agricultural solutions that work to maintain the beauty and integrity of processed fruit and vegetable commodities in order to extend the shelf-life of produce available locally and internationally.

Pace offers the potato industry a Natural Sprout Control Product Line, BIOX. The BIOX sprout inhibitor line includes the following products:
  • Biox-C (Organic Clove Oil Storage Treatment for Thermofogging Application),
  • Biox-40EC (Clove Oil for Line Spray Application),
  • Biox-COMBO (CIPC/Clove Oil Storage Treatment for Thermofogging Application)
BIOX, a GREENr approach to sprout suppression.
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1201 Third Avenue, Suite 5450
Seattle, WA 98101
United States
+1 206 428 7145

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