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Pest Pros Inc.

Services for Potato Farming

Pest Pros Inc. is a crop consulting and plant disease diagnostic lab in Plainfield, WI. since 1984. In addition to their Potato Early Dying Assay to predict wilt potential, they now offer STORECAST, "Storage Potato Disease Risk Indexing".

This system uses molecular disease diagnotics to detect background loads of rot pathogens in non-symptomatic potatoes prior to harvest. A rating is done to predict storage rot and assist in storage inventory management.

Early 2012, Pest Pros Inc was acquired by Wisconsin River Co-op, which merged in April of 2013 with Farmers’ Co-op Supply & Shipping Association of West Salem. The new cooperative has been named “Allied Cooperative”.

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Pest Pros Inc.
  • 10086 1st Street
    Plainfield, WI 54966
    United States