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Post Holdings

Company Description
Post Holdings, Inc. operates as a consumer packaged goods holding company in the United States and internationally.

The company distinguishes the categories retail ('center-of-the-store'), foodservice, food ingredient, private label, refrigerated and active nutrition food.

Post holdings acquired Michael Foods in 2015 and Bob Evans in 2018 and as a consequence Post Holdings is a sizable manufacturer of refrigerated potato products.

This includes the brands Bob Evans Farms, Pineland Farms Potato Company and Simply Potatoes
Product Types

Michael Foods Inc.

Michael Foods is a manufacturer of egg products and refrigerated potato products. Michael Foods uses the brand names "Simply Potatoes" and "Northern Star Co" for its refrigerated potato products.

Bob Evans Farms, Inc.

Bob Evans farms, Inc is a publicly traded company focused on the production of convenience foods, including a range of potato products. Prior to 2017, the company also owned and operated a restaurant chain of over 500 full-service restaurants.
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2503 S. Hanley Road
St. Louis, MO 63144
United States

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