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Target Corporation

Minneapolis-based Target Corporation is a retailer operating 1797 stores in the United States

Target is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, Walmart being the largest.

In 2015, Target Corporation liquidated its subsidiary Target Canada, ceasing all operations in Canada (127 stores).

Target Corporation sells a range of assortment of general merchandise and food in its stores. The Company's general merchandise and CityTarget stores offer a food assortment on a smaller scale and its SuperTarget stores offer a line of food items comparable to traditional supermarkets.

The Australian Target Stores are owned and operated by the Wesfarmers Group and not related to the Target Corporation, other than that the Wesfarmers Group were granted the rights to the use of the Target logo and name.

Target operates a service center in Bangalore, India to support its North American operations, but has not yet expressed any plans to set up any retail outlets in India.
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