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Tribelt BV

Tribelt develops and produces a wide variety of metal conveyor belts.

Tribelt is, for metal conveyor belts, safety shields, architectonic mesh and other applications of woven metal wire and strip steel, the right place to come to.

Our belts, mats, nets and/or mesh structures are being produced, according to your wishes, in our own factory settled in Haaksbergen.

Our colleagues manufacture these products based on a delivered model, a drawing or 3D model. It could of course also be the case that you aren’t that far yet, and that you’re solely able to give a functional description of what the conveyor belt should be up to. We consider this as the most challenging projects!

We help you to determine the type of belts and the choice of material. Besides, we make 3D models and samples of belts (an example piece for approval), carry out strength calculations for verification, we formulate ‘declarations of conformity’ for the food industry and even mounting belts at your location is possible. We are, in short, a total supplier for your metal conveyor belts!

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