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Trinity Manufacturing, Inc.

Trinity Manufacturing, Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals. One of the Trinity products is chloropicrin.

Chloropicrin is used by potato farmers for soil fumigation in order to suppress soil-borne pathogens.

Trinity markets several chloropicrin based products under the brand name STRIKE™. All STRIKE™
After application, chloropicrin is rapidly broken down by soil microorganisms into carbon dioxide, nitrogenous compounds, and chloride.

Trinity Manufacturing is part of the TriCal Group, established in 2010. Other members of this group are TriEst Ag Group, Inc, Trident AG Products, Tri-Tech Ag products, Cardinal Professional Products, TRIS International, Triagriberia,S.L., K&S Services and Suncrest Nurseries.

In Canada, Trinity Manufacturing fumigants are sold by Douglas Agricultural Services

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Trinity Manufacturing, Inc.
  • 11 E.V. Hogan Dr.
    Hamlet, NC 28345
    United States