VDH Concept

Packaging Equipment
VDH concept is an agent of several packaging manufacturers in Europe and offers a total package for potato, vegetable and fruit (‘PVF’) packaging.

Packaging types offered range from perforated film to steaming film for microwave oven applications and also includes various options for BIO packaging.

VDH concept is continuously looking for innovative partnerships with its European customers, suppliers, and equipment manufacturers.

As a consequence VDH concept manages to stand out in the European potato packaging industry.

Some of the potato retail packaging concepts offered

Potatoes packed in Jbreeze bags


Potatoes packed in Vertisac packaging


Potatoes packed in Laminated Film bags

Laminated Film

Potatoes packed in Microwave oven film bags

Microwave oven film

VDH Concept SQ Pack

VDH Concept SQ Pack

VDH Concept

VDH Concept, a Belgian company specialized in retail packaging for potatoes, vegetables and fruit, has recently introduced SQ Pack, packaging with a net structure perforation.

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