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Vital Seeds, Inc.

Applying its internationally patented proven technology and procedures Vital Seeds is producing from a single tissue culture plantlet in excess of 3,000 clean mini-tubers. Compare this to conventional processes, which typically produce 2-3 mini-tubers.

This practice has enabled Vital Seeds to revamp the propagation of potato seed and achieve an unmatched, new level of seed quality:

  • By producing a massive number of mini-tubers (typically larger than 20mm in diameter) at an affordable cost, Vital Seeds' Potato out of Ground (PoG) enables variety owners to provide the market with any quantity of clean seed that the market may demand. Therefore, variety owners are able to offer 2nd field generation seed at the price of 9th generation.

  • Vital Seeds' PoG enables markets, that in the past relied on imported seed, to produce potato seed locally, thus limiting the potential unintended importation and spread of diseases.

  • Empowered by the versatility and flexibility of its technology deployment, Vital Seeds has successfully facilitated the production of seed at any time of the year, thus, overcoming the limitations of seed's physiological age.

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Vital Seeds, Inc.
  • 1468 Terrance Drive
    Naperville, IL 60565
    United States