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The Pre-Sprouting Crates From Bekuplast in Action: The Anrather Spargelhof in Willich Uses These Boxes.

The pre-sprouting crates from bekuplast in action: The Anrather Spargelhof in Willich uses these boxes. (Courtesy: Anrather Spargelhof)

With regard to potatoes, pre-germination is crucial for good growth. Pre-sprouting enables growers to achieve higher yields and start harvesting up to 6-8 weeks before 'normal' potatoes. It is important that the potatoes are evenly exposed and ventilated.

We talked to Gerold Wilms from bekuplast LLC about what makes a good potato pre-germination box.

Gerold Wilms, from bekuplast LLC:

“In the past, old wooden boxes were used for pre-germination, but the result was mixed. That is why we have developed a special pre-germination box.”

“In order to optimize the process bekuplast has developed special boxes made of new HDPE (and thus in accordance with food regulations.”

In Order to Optimize The Process Bekuplast Has Developed Special Boxes Made of New HDPE (and thus in accordance with food regulations).

Gerold Wilms:

“The potatoes lie in our boxes for 8-9 weeks and must get a good incidence of light and enough air during this time. Therefore our crates, which can be filled with 10-13kg potatoes in a maximum of two layers, have lowered side parts and a coarse perforation. This allows both the even incidence of light and good ventilation. The result is an optimally uniform and stable potato sprouting pattern.”

Potato Sprouting Container: The material itself also plays a role.

Gerold Wilms:

“We do not paint the boxes. This makes them slightly translucent, which further improves the incidence of light, especially compared to solid materials such as wood.”

“Nevertheless, the pre-germ boxes are very robust and durable. After planting the potatoes, the empty boxes can be stacked crosswise to save space.”