British Potato (BP2019)

British Potato (BP2019)
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Once every two years the whole of the potato industry comes together for this unique 'seed to shopping trolley' event. It's an exceptional networking and business opportunity for all those involved in growing, handling, processing and retailing the crop in this £multi billion industry.

  • Scores of Europe's leading potato companies
  • The latest in potato research & development
  • All types of farm, packing and processing machinery
  • New breakthroughs in production and processing
  • Business news and emerging opportunities
  • Buyers, suppliers and advisers from plough to plate
  • THE way to stay in touch and ahead!
  • Visitors from across the industry see what's new, make and renew contacts and do business!

PotatoPro Official Media Partner

PotatoPro is delighted to again be an official media partner for the BP2019 Potato Industry Event - the flagship ‘field to fork’ showcase for Britain’s £6 billion potato industry, providing high profile networking and business opportunities for everyone involved in potato production, processing and presentation.

Scores of Europe’s leading potato companies highlight innovative products, machinery and services. While trade, research and educational bodies, and keynote independent seminars, tackle a broad range of industry issues. Staged every other year, it’s a must attend event for producers, buyers, suppliers, advisers and retailers across the whole supply chain.

Note to exhibitors: if you have a press release related to your presence at this event make sure to send it to!
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