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tna Florigo atmospheric continuous frying system conti-pro® FF 3

Florigo conti-pro® FF 3 is a French fries frying system designed with a process intended to boost the efficiency of your production line.

Featuring Florigo’s own zonal flow oil injection system, the Florigo conti-pro® FF 3 gives you the ability to fry at higher constant temperatures.

Pairs with Florigo accura-dry® BD 3 to strip away moisture from the product before frying.

Standard features
  • Optimal product and oil flow
  • Zonal flow design
  • Self-supporting product belt
  • Continuous oil filtration through belt filter
  • Durable construction design with long lifecycle and meets highest safety standards
  • Hood lifting device
  • Insulated hood
  • Clean in place (CIP) with integrated piping in hood
  • Condensate collecting pan
  • Oil circulation system
  • Oil tank for used oil
  • Thermal oil heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel execution (exception fans, pumps, drives, valves, bearings, belts)
Optional features
  • Paper filter
  • Steam heat exchanger
  • Oil tank for fresh oil
  • Oil injection collimator

Application: Atmospheric continuous frying of french fries.
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All above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to the product, please confirm when placing your order.