Key Technology offers help to Kettle Chips Manufacturers: the Optyx for sorting of Kettle Chips

Key Technology's Optyx 6000 sorter. This image has been updated since the publication of this article due to the resolution of the original image and may show a version of the Optyx 6000 that was not available at time of initial publication.

Key Technology introduces Optyx® sorters designed specifically for kettle-style potato chips.

Featuring a unique camera and lighting configuration to sense opacity as well as subtle color differences, these new Optyx sorters identify and remove objectionable clusters of chips stuck together as well as defects and foreign material.

With Optyx, kettle chip manufacturers can now automate their inspection process to dramatically improve product quality and food safety while reducing labor costs.

Historically, kettle chip processors have had to rely on hand sorting because until now, automated inspection systems could not detect problematic clusters, which are common to kettle chip production. To address this sorting challenge, Key modified its field-proven Optyx sorters with a specialized off-belt scanning zone that measures opacity to detect and remove clusters of kettle chips in addition to standard on-belt scanning that identifies defects and foreign material.