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March 05, 2008
McDonalds has introduced "McBreakfast", new for the Ukraine market, but a very popular in other countries special morning menu. The components of the new menu will appear in all restaurants of McDonald's chain by the end of 2009 in Ukraine.

The new menu has the traditional for Ukrainian breakfast pancakes, omelets and other courses. The new for Ukrainian market are McMuffin sandwiches with egg and pork cutlet, McMuffin with egg and cheese, McToast with cheese and others. Those consumers, who would like to have vegetable or fruit salad for the breakfast, should order them separately - according to the pres-service information, fruits and vegetables are not included to "McBreakfast"morning menu.

For the first time the new menu was introduced in McDonald's restaurant on Khreshatik on the 26th of February. This menu will be available in all Kyiv restaurants by the end of 2008, and in the other cities of Ukraine - by the end of 2009.
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