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     winning Rice Works packaging design
    The customer is always right, especially when it comes to knowing what works best in packaging appeal. That's what snack food company, Snack Alliance Inc. found after asking its Consumer Advisory Panel of 2600 members to vote on the revamped package designs for its riceworks® gluten-free brown rice crisps.

    "Our goal was to make riceworks® look as great on the outside as the product tastes on the inside,"said Kerry Manning Cooper, director of marketing for riceworks®. "So we took it to the digital street and asked those who know riceworks best -- our growing legion of customers -- to choose the design that best suits the riceworks® personality. We were thoroughly impressed by the number of customers committed to sharing their opinion regarding the future appearance of one of their favorite snacks."

    To set up the program, Snack Alliance Inc. asked its design firm - brandlab -- to create a range of different package designs for the new flavors of riceworks® brown rice crisps, the signature line of products from the Oregon-based snack company. The riceworks® marketing team posted the design options on its website followed by an e-mail to its Consumer Advisory Panel for input. The company offered incentives of $100 towards a local spa that were awarded in a draw from those who participated in the survey.

    "We all had bets, but the marketing team put aside its personal bias to ensure the designs would have appetite appeal and resonate with our customers,"added Manning Cooper. "The winning design beat out its contenders by a wide margin."

    The packaging options and winning design can be found at.