Potato farmers have lost lakhs of rupees due to destruction of potato crop by a bout of blight, yet, they are yet to receive any relief money from the Agricultural Department.

    Potato crop spread across more than 15 acres of land in and around Sakkanahalli in Bangarpet taluk was destroyed (Karnataka region, India). The stretch of land affected in the taluk is said to be about 600 acres.

    Crop affected by blight withers out and turns black like it is set on fire. There is no possibility of the tuber growing, resulting in a loss of the crop.

    Fail to help

    The Agricultural Department failed to instruct and advise the farmers on how to handle such diseases for crops, well in advance.

    No farmer in the entire district, who lost his potato crop to blight, has received compensation from the Government.

    In addition, the agricultural assistant director is unavailable to get further information on the matter. The farmers therefore have no one to turn to, but suffer quietly.