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     Garden Chips Collage

    Tropical Foods, a food manufacturer that specializes in raw and roasted nuts, dried fruit and snack mixes, is launching Garden Chips just in time for the New Year.

    York’s Harvest Garden Chips are a crunchy snack chip made from real vegetables. The garden chips are all natural with the vegetables dried, fried in canola oil, and lightly seasoned with sea salt.

    “We are proud to introduce Garden Chips into the York’s Harvest line of snacks,” said Chad Hartman, Brand Manager for Tropical Foods. “They are delicious and all natural, and are a great alternative to potato chips and other snack chips.”

    Current Garden Chip varieties include Mixed Vegetable Chips, which are an assortment of Green Beans, Sweet Potato, Taro Root, Squash and Carrots. The line also includes Green Bean Snacks and Okra Snacks. The chips are saturated fat free and cholesterol free with low sodium. The Green Bean and Okra Snacks are a good source of dietary fiber and the Mixed Vegetable Chips are high in vitamin A. Other Garden Chip varieties will be available seasonally.

    York’s Harvest Garden Chips will be available soon, in a re-sealable tray, at your local grocer.