Americold Achieves 90 Percent Energy Reduction With Lighting Upgrade From Groom Energy and Digital Lumens


Groom Energy and Digital Lumens today announced the installation of Digital Lumens' Intelligent LED Lighting Systems at Americold facilities located in Massachusetts, Utah and Wisconsin. The new upgrades produce higher quality lighting and reduce overall energy consumption up to 90 percent or 2.3 million kilowatt hours (kWhs) annually.

Over the coming months, Groom Energy and Americold are scheduled to upgrade facilities in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois and Texas. The projects will reduce an additional 3.3 million kWhs and 3.25 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Working with site managers from Americold, Groom Energy developed customized configurations for each location, managing all installation, system commissioning and training.

The design delivers lighting "on demand,"producing evenly distributed high light levels when operators are nearby, then automatically dims to "nightlight"levels after operators have exited the area. The mesh networked lighting system continuously tracks and reports energy consumption and savings.

Groom Energy

"Groom Energy has led a successful process for our facility upgrades. They knew our operators' needs and designed and managed the implementations very effectively. Our teams are very pleased with the increased light levels, functionality and the significant energy savings,"said Americold's Vice President of Engineering, Fred Walker. "This is another example of Americold's green initiatives having a positive impact on the environment."

"From the earliest days of the project, Groom Energy has been working with Americold to design the most effective and efficient lighting system for their facilities,"said Bob Kirby, executive vice president and co-founder of Groom Energy Solutions. "As with all of our installations, our focus is to deliver quality solutions that help companies make a significant environmental impact. At Americold we have been able to provide measurable savings and exceed corporate objectives for light quantity, quality, safety and the overall functionality."

"We are delighted that Americold has selected and deployed the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System across multiple sites, and appreciate Groom's expertise and commitment that has led to so many successful deployments,"said Tom Pincince, president and CEO of Digital Lumens. "Americold's feedback during the development process was invaluable to our successful product design. In addition to broad improvements in light quality and energy efficiency, Americold is also leveraging LightRules management software for a detailed view into the facilities' operational performance and to measure progress toward company-wide sustainability objectives."