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    Many Dutch businessmen are starting to show an interest in agriculture in the Philippines.

    This sudden interest marks the success of the Philippine Netherlands Business Council or PNBC’s working luncheon where it showcased the richness or potential wealth from agriculture in the Philippines.

    Together with the Philippine Embassy and East West Seeds, EU Agricultural Attache Pit Laquian highlighted the investment opportunities in agriculture.  

    Laquian said  agriculture is a highly productive business in the Philippines, particularly in potatoes.   

    According to Laquian, the Philippines imports potatoes 100% because of the high consumption of French fries and chips of Filipinos.  

    He said Pinoys have the capability to plant, sow and harvest the same volume of potatoes that the Philippines imports every month, but the only problem is lack of capital.    Laquian said that if there will be sufficient investment in the planting of potatoes, the Philippines can easily save around $200 million per year.  

    Many Dutch businessmen showed interest in the concept. Even the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture sent a representative to learn about agriculture in the Philippines.

    Now, a trade mission has been set to go to the Philippines to check the agri-food and food processing there.