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     Using US dehydrated potato products
    Twenty catering companies in the Philippines were recently able to learn how to improve profitability by saving time and money with high quality US dehy! Chef Jill Sandique, a celebrity chef and member of the USDA Council of Chefs, highlighted the benefits of US dehy through a USPB hands-on workshop.

    Participants were able to experience firsthand how quick and easy US dehy is to prepare – just add water! This, in comparison to washing, peeling, cutting, cooking, mashing/slicing/dicing/shredding, cleaning dishes and disposing of the peels, was a breeze! Participants learned dehy not only saves time, but also saves fuel, water and storage space. It also delivers a consistent quality product year round.

    When asked what else the participants learned, one person said, “When you add water to dehy, you don’t get cut!” as she held up her finger with the bandage on it. She had cut her finger when peeling the fresh potatoes, which led to a food safety discussion.

    Overall, catering and food manufacturing companies were very excited with US dehy. Several companies have requested additional information and recipes, including a company called Chili Billy (Mexican recipes), Claudia's Kitchen (Chinese recipes) and Philippine Nutrifoods (baby food/weaning formula). Ms. Imelda Go, owner of Chef's Nook, noted "the hands-on cooking seminar was infinitely more educational than brochures and statistics".

    Albergus Catering said US dehy was a solution to their problem. This company allocates a considerable amount of personnel to prepare mashed potatoes, and working with US dehy opened their eyes to a quick and easy alternative.

    Dane Commodities, a local importer, reported sales immediately following the seminars as the participants start testing US dehy in their menu items.