World Potato Congress 2012
    Delegates to the 8th World Potato Congress, from developing and transitional countries, may qualify for financial support from World Potato Congress Inc. (WPC Inc).

    Allan Parker, President of WPC Inc, said today he is extremely pleased to announce WPC Inc has agreed to subsidize up to 4 delegates to the next World Potato Congress to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, May 27-30, 2012.

    WPC Inc, will provide CAD $1,000.00 to subsidize each qualifying delegate to Edinburgh. The funds may be used to cover the cost of everything from visa applications to flights, registration, accommodation, or incidentals.

    According to Parker, the goal of WPC Inc. is, “to provide opportunities for individuals from developing and transitional economies to benefit from attendance at the Congress. Experience has demonstrated that participants in the program are able to positively impact the potato industry in their respective regions.”

    Participants are encouraged to build a network of resource people to whom they can turn for advice and direction. “It’s a win-win scenario for all concerned,” said Parker.

    To qualify for consideration, potential delegates must submit an application to WPC Inc. In the submission they must demonstrate that they have:
    • A minimum of five years experience in the potato industry (including education and research)
    • Capacity to influence change in their local community/region
    • Evidence of strong connections locally or regionally
    • A stated plan to maximize the benefits of attending the Congress
    • A commitment to a communication plan to share their experience in their region
    • Evidence that without financial assistance they cannot attend the Congress
    Recipients of assistance in 2004 (China) and 2009 (Christchurch) are not eligible to apply.

    Successful applicants will receive funding upon registration at the 8th WPC.

    Applications may be submitted immediately.

    For application information visit "Delegate support"on the World Potato Congress website

    Source: World Potato Congress