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 Klondike Rose tenth birthday
August 01, 2012
In August 2002, after many years of cultivation, Potandon Produce L.L.C. introduced the US retail community to its Klondike Rose potato, the first of many new varieties of fresh potatoes that would soon follow. Potandon Produce is pleased to be celebrating the milestone 10th birthday of this unique potato, known for its unique bold and buttery flavor, the red-skinned, yellow-fleshed beauty has been astounding consumers ever since.
The Klondike Rose variety came from humble beginnings in Germany. The original seed was developed in the early 1990’s and brought to Canada where it was developed by Potandon Produce’s Canadian partner, Earthfresh Foods. A small plot was planted to test the viability of the seed and after several positive seasons, the tiny plot grew to almost two acres. The variety was then offered to Potandon for the US market, and has enjoyed unprecedented growth since its introduction. Currently Klondike Rose is grown in Idaho, Washington, Arizona, and Canada.
The introduction of the Klondike Rose potato marked a new era in the fresh potato industry, as it was the first significant new variety to capture mainstream attention nationwide and brought much-needed excitement to a stagnant category.
Consumers were eager to try something new and the quick acceptance of Klondike Rose had real impact on the company. Potandon became an industry leader in variety development almost overnight. Several other varieties were already in the works, and Potandon soon introduced Klondike Goldust, a smooth skinned yellow potato with a buttery interior. Also created were Klondike Gourmet, a signature line of 24 oz. mini gourmet and petite potato packages which allowed Potandon to highlight many of its creamer sized potatoes in various colors, shapes, and taste characteristics. Most recently Potandon introduced to the family of Klondike Brands two convenience lines of fresh potatoes, a refrigerated line of sauced steamer potatoes and a shelf stable version of Klondike Rose and Klondike Goldust potatoes in a microwaveable steamer bag, Klondike Express.
Potandon's Operations team is constantly working to bring new items to the market, sourcing heirloom seed varieties from across the world, and through an extensive selection program. "Each year we see hundreds of potential seed varieties, and through careful testing and selection, are able to identify those which will be the 'new' items of the future,"says Jeff Bragg, Chief Agronomist for Potandon. 
To mark this milestone in the life-cycle of one of the most popular potato items marketed by Potandon, the company will be investing in on-line marketing campaigns, additional trade advertising, and special retail incentives. Potandon has created a website ( that is consumer focused and provides a treasure trove of valuable information about the Klondike Rose variety as well as the rest of the items that are part of the Klondike Brands family.

Source: Potandon Produce
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