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July 09, 2012
On July 2nd, 2012, the Agrico Group acquired all the shares of the Finnish Perunaseppä OY through its subsidiary Agrico Nordic AB, Sweden. Taking this step Agrico aims at expanding the production and sales of its varieties in Finland.
Perunaseppä is responsible for the production and marketing of seed potatoes in Finland. In 2010 the company was founded by Asko Seppänen and since its establishment it became the agent for the Agrico Group. The Dutch cooperative Agrico is one of the largest potato companies in Europe that breeds, produces, markets and sells seed and ware potatoes.
"After careful consideration I came to the conclusion that it would be better if Agrico would take over Perunaseppä OY. In this way, direct knowledge, extensive experience and a clear strategy is available to expand the potato business in Finland."Asko Seppänen says.
According to Managing Director of the Agrico Group, Jan van Hoogen, Agrico now has the possibility to strengthen the partnership with skilled producers in Finland: "Working closely with Finnish potato growers will give Perunaseppä the opportunity to expand the production and sales of Agrico varieties and our affiliated breeders.”
From July 2nd, 2012 the staff of Perunaseppä consists of Jan Slijkhuis, managing director, and Asko Seppänen, country manager. The daily course of things (production and sales) will be continued by Asko Seppänen.
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