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Case study: How to build a potato storage facility

Case study: How to build a potato storage facility

The completed bulk potato storage for processing potatoes in the United Kingdom (Courtesy: Crop Systems Ltd)

August 5, 2012
A new 2,700 tonne potato storage facility – constructed and equipped as a ‘turnkey’ project by Crop Systems Ltd - is helping Shropshire growers J M Bubb and Son hit and beat exacting targets for both energy and CIPC usage.

The Bubbs grow 360 acres of potatoes as part of the arable business at Lynn South Farm, Lynn, Newport and built the new complex to replace ageing facilities which they realised were past their best.

Their new store is an integrated complex which includes two 1,200 tonne bulk stores built adjoining an extensive covered loading and grading area. The complex also features a 300 tonne box store, as well as both machinery and chemical stores.

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Crop Systems Ltd from the United Kingdom designs and installs potato and crop storage controllers and equipment for farmers, growers and produce suppliers