The India State Assam is located in the North-East of India

    In Assam, a state in north east of India, an Inter State Potato Marketing System was successfully inaugurated by Assam Agriculture, Horticulture &Food Processing Minister Mr. Nilamoni Sen Deka at Gingia, Biswanath Chariali for the benefit of its potato growers.

    Initially, potato will be marketed in Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya and Tripura. This system was boosted due to the increase in potato production in all over the state with the successful implementation of the Scheme “Mission Double Cropping”, informs Mowsam Hazarika, Sub Divisional Agricultural Officer.

    Mission Double Cropping has encouraged the farmers to cultivate at least two crops in the same plot of land. But, to raise the hopes of farmers this innovative system is introduced to provide a marketing platform to the farmers which will ensure justified rates to farmers.

    Assam Government is now planning to reorganize farmers’ of the state under Field Management Committee (FMC) which will be formed in agricultural field level instead of village level. Through this FMC, government will channelize all types of agricultural supports to the farmers.