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Specialty Potato Alliance extends range of fingerling potatoes

 Fingerling potatoes
May 17, 2012
The Specialty Potato Alliance promises US consumers this season a wide choice of potato varieties: “This season we have everything,” noted the elated Richard Leibowitz commenting on Alliances’ spring harvest in Bakersfield.

“We are going to have the opportunity to introduce our proprietary varieties to a lot of new customers and early results have been very positive.” Leibowitz concluded.

Specialty Potato Alliance has introduced three new Fingerling varieties including the Red Rebel, Rockey Rose, and a tasty purple variety called Merlot.

“Our desert program is complete and we are now harvesting exclusively in Kern County,” said Scott Pursel, a grower for the Alliance. “We were a bit worried with the heavy rains after the kill but the fields dried quickly and the harvest is showing very clean and well sized potatoes. We are currently digging our Organic Fingerlings, and they are cleaning up very nicely as well. This season we will have the Red Rebel and Rockey Rose, organically for the first time.” Mr. Pursel, a VP at Lehr Brothers/Big L packing also indicated the he has planted additional acreage to accommodate the growing popularity of these special varieties.

Specialty Potato Alliance is a group of dedicated growers and distributors committed to quality, development and distribution of specialty Fingerling Potatoes. They offer their proprietary varieties along with a full line of specialty potatoes year round with distribution points throughout the United States. The Alliance offers three distinct sizes of Fingerlings including, Pee-Wee, Traditional, and Jumbo. The Alliance develops its own certified seed grown in award winning soil for select growers throughout the country and packs for foodservice, retail, and processing.

Most recently the Specialty Potato Alliance group has launched an Organic Retail Fingerling assortment in a new plastic/mesh bag that blocks the UV ray lighting while still allowing the product to be visible. This style compliments their earlier release of conventional Fingerlings packed in the same style bag..

Source: Specialty Potato Alliance
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