<em>Edit News</em> Dewulf presents number 300 of the R3060 in England
    Dewulf, specialist in harvesting technology of potatoes and carrots, proudly presents number 300 of the R3060, 2-row self-propelled potato harvester. The first R3060 was build by end of 2006 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Dewulf. Today, the R3060 is the reference in the field of productivity, potato handling and comfort.

    The R3060 is the leading master among the 2-row self-propelled potato harvesters. Stephen Pugh of company Pengethley Potatoes Limited confirms that this harvester is the ideal integration between man and machine. He is already more than 11 years familiar with the Dewulf-machines. He started to harvest with two R3000 Mega's, and later on he invested in two R3060's. Today, he is the proud owner of two new state-of-the art R3060's, number 299 and 300 to be exact.

    Stephen is convinced that no other harvester can be equaled. ‘Quality plays an important role in our harvesting process', he explains. ‘Thanks to a good collaboration with Niagri and Dewulf, we could adjust our machines to our specific circumstances. We can set 3 different programs in the cabin so that we can change our setting according the situation we are facing, even while harvesting! In addition, the machine asks low maintenance and all components are easy accessible.'

    Source: Dewulf