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'Proper storage needed for valuable potato crop'

Potato storage in boxes
March 22, 2013
The variable weather conditions in the United Kingdom, leading to a dramatic drop in potato stocks made 2012 the worst year in living memory for growers.

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Yet with hundreds of thousands of pounds being spent on planters and harvesters, stores are seeing very little of this money, subsequently many growers are putting vulnerable crops in the hands of substandard and inefficient potato stores.

Many potato stores in the UK are not benefiting from the technical advancements made in recent years with problem ridden stores being left without servicing or investment.

“In our experience a high numbers of stores would function more efficiently given a little extra time and effort regularly checking the operation of the equipment. Furthermore grower and processor assurance schemes require that crops are stored in suitable facilities.” says Tracey Wilkinson of Crop Systems Ltd.

She adds “By honestly evaluating existing stores, solutions in the form of small improvements to existing plant can make a big difference;we regularly see up to 40% increases in efficiency and these are solutions that can be tailored to suit affordability.”

Potato Storage in bulk

Early servicing highlights any remedial works required, ensuring you are fully aware of issues that could affect the integrity of your store thereby avoiding potential loss of crop or returns.

Crop Systems service any of make or manufacture of equipment using calibrated instruments to achieve the best from your store. Their service packages detail all plant and sensor checks, full F-Gas traceability for refrigeration units and recommendations for future issues including CIPC and air flows.

Quite simply annual servicing has never been more important.
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Crop Systems Ltd from the United Kingdom designs and installs potato and crop storage controllers and equipment for farmers, growers and produce suppliers