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Complete Dewulf potato harvester range shown at Potato Europe
One of most important events in the potato industry, Potato Europe, will be held for the 3rd time in Bockerode, Germany on 3 and 4 September. More than 10.000 visitors are expected during these 2 days.

Dewulf will demonstrate with its complete range with the new RA3060, Kwatro and RJA2060.

Dewulf equipment specialists are happy to meet you to discover the harvesters during the demonstrations and will gladly welcome you at their booth, GC44

Dewulf RA3060

RA3060, a 2-row self-propelled potato harvester with bunker and axial rollers

With the 5th generation of the 3-wheeled 2-row self-propelled potato harvesters, the R3060 had a complete redesign with a focus on the driver. No less than 8 different harvester versions ensure a fully customized machine.

During Potato Europe, the RA3060 will be demonstrated.

This harvester is equipped with 3 webs, 2 hedgehog belts and axial rollers.

Thanks to a new set of instruments: harvesting display, traction display and joystick, harvesting was never before so easy.

Dewulf Kwatro

Kwatro, a 4-row self-propelled potato harvester with bunker and axial rollers

With the facelift of the Kwatro, Dewulf paid extra attention on the ergonomics for the driver and is the harvester your guarantee in all conditions.

With the new Claas-cabin and set of instruments, on the same base of the R3060, Dewulf draws the line in comfort and ease of use.

Larger driving wheels of the tracks ensure less soil pressure and less wear as big advantage. A large bunker of 17,5m³ gives the guarantee of maximum capacity.

Dewulf RJA2060

RJA2060, a 2-row trailed (offset) potato harvester with bunker, axial rollers and haulm chopper

This sublime offset trailed potato harvester is equipped with a harvesting unit driven discs instead of diabolo rollers and an integrated haulm chopper.

Thanks to this unit, it’s possible to harvest under all circumstances in one time. Cleaning is based on 3 sieving webs, lower hedgehog belt followed by axial rollers and a flat upper hedgehog belt with 4-row finger system.

The R2060 has the biggest wheel tires in its segment and is equipped with unloading on the move as a standard