Pulsed Electric Field treatment of potatoes before cutting results in "smooth cut" slices that can help reduce the oil uptake of potato chips.
Healthy snacking, low-calorie and low-fat products are major trends in food and beverage industry. The snack industry strives for healthy, simple and all natural products.

Oil uptake in snack products such as potato chips (crisps) is dependent on product characteristics and process conditions. Frying time and temperature have a major impact but also product shape and surface play a major role.

Improving cut smoothness using ELEA’s Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) systems allows reducing oil uptake by a purely physical approach.

Iodine staining of ELEA’s PEF treated potato slices visualizes the difference. The feathered surface of a conventional potato slice (slice on the left) is conducive to increase the uptake of frying oil.

In contrast, the perfectly smooth surface of ELEA PEF treated slices (slice on the right) prevents excessive oil uptake.

While maintaining crispiness and mouth feel a reduction of up to 25 % has been observed.

For further information about Pulsed Electric Field Technology for potato processing applications, please contact ELEA.