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Arca Continental Inaugurates its Global Innovation Center for Snacks in Atlanta

Arca Continental Inaugurates its Global Innovation Center for Snacks in Atlanta

The new facility in Atlanta will conduct R&D on new flavors and products for Arca Continental’s snacks businesses in the U.S., Mexico and Ecuador

October 29, 2015
In order to conduct research and development for long-term innovations in its entire snacks division, Arca Continental today inaugurated its Global Innovation Center for Snacks in Atlanta, which will serve the Wise business in the U.S., Bokados in Mexico and Inalecsa in Ecuador.

A team of industry professionals spearhead this operation in search of new products, flavors, formulas and processes, aimed at excellence and continuous improvement in the quality, safety and advantages of the Company’s food products, always seeking to get ahead of and satisfy the changing needs of consumers.

Alejandro Rodriguez, Arca Continental’s Director of Complimentary Businesses:

“We are very excited about what the opening of our Global Innovation Center means with respect to capturing the hearts of our consumers.”

“This new center will help further our business by enabling each of our operating units to share development resources and best practices to explore new ways to delight consumers, while, as always, keeping the safety and quality of each product as our highest priorities.”

“To lead the Innovation Center, we hired a seasoned expert in R&D, as part of a larger innovation initiative within Arca Continental to drive our snacks’ relevancy with consumers. This center will have a global reach to serve all the markets we currently serve and those we will serve in the future.”
This new facility has different areas to test and develop processes, formulas and products, as well as to identify consumers’ opinions in a special testing area.
Companies in this Article
Arca Continental, one of the largest Coca Cola bottlers in the world, produces and distributes Bokados brand snack foods. In December 2012, the Mexican company acquired both the snack manufacturers Inalecsa (Ecuador) and Wise Foods (United States)
Inalecsa is a savory snack manufacturer in Ecuador
Wise Foods Inc is a US manufacturer of chips and snacks with the brand names Wise Potato chips, Ridgies, Kettle cooked potato chips, Cheez Doodles, Bravos Tortilla Chips and Wise Popcorn