Dewulf-Miedema present full line of potato cultivation machinery at Potato Europe

The Miedema CP 42P Smart-Float, a 4-row trailed potato planter, one of several units that will be shown by Dewulf and Miedema at Potato Europe in Doornik, Belgium.

On 2 and 3 September 2015 the entire potato chain will pass the revue again during Potato Europe in Doornik, Belgium.

Dewulf and Miedema will show their most recent potato cultivation technology.

Here is an overview of the equipment they bring to the show:

Miedema MS 2000

Miedema MS 2000: 2-row trailed belt planter

This hydraulically driven belt planter is the best solution for quickly and accurately planting a large variety of seed potatoes.

The advanced HMI control display makes it easy to perform any and all changes from the cab of the tractor. The large 3000 kg bunker capacity and GPS guidance provide maximum capacity during the planting season.

The planter is equipped with the Ferti-Flow fertiliser unit, and the MR-Control ridging hood forms perfect ridges. The MS 2000 can be delivered in combination with lattice rollers.

Miedema CP 42P Smart-Float

Miedema CP 42P: Smart-Float: 4-row trailed cup planter

The CP cup planter is a multifunctional, large capacity potato planter which has proved its qualities time and again in the field.

The CP 42P offers integrated tillage and is equipped with Smart-Float, a unique cultivator depth control system. Thanks to the low-pressure tyres and the ridging hood with MR-control, perfectly shaped ridges are standard here too.

The latest innovation, Erosion-Stop, gives a remarkable boost to the potato grower's yield. This hydraulically driven, patented machine is mounted on the ridging hood and builds up erosion barriers with the soil between the ridges. This technique minimises soil erosion and improves each individual potato plant's access to water, nutrients and air.

Miedema ME 80 Planter Filler NEW

Miedema ME 80 Planter Filler: Elevator for use in the field and in the storage shed NEW

The new Miedema ME 80 Planter Filler is the most suitable elevator for high capacity filling of your planter or shed. The conveyor is designed for easy attachment behind the tipper.

All functions are simple to operate and hydraulically driven, ensuring a longer service life.

Dewulf Kwatro

Dewulf Kwatro: 4-row self-propelled sieving harvester with cleaning unit and bunker

The focus of this year's Potato Europe is soil quality, something the Kwatro guarantees daily thanks to the 900 mm wide tracks which keep soil compaction to a minimum.

Thanks to the positioning of the harvesting channel in front of the tracks, the quality of the potato ridges is preserved and you are guaranteed a successful harvest season, even in extremely wet conditions.

The substantial bunker capacity of 17.5 m³ ensures optimum productivity and the capacity of a true 4-row harvester!

Dewulf RA2060

Dewulf RA2060: 2-row trailed belt planter

This side-mounted harvester is the absolute champion in the 2-row trailed potato harvester segment. No other trailed potato harvester achieves the capacity of the R2060.

Cleaning is performed by three sieving belts, a bottom hedgehog belt, a cleaning module and a top hedgehog belt.

The R2060 has the largest tyre size in its class, keeping ground pressure to an absolute minimum.

The harvester offers unloading on the move as standard, with an 11 m³ hopper.

Dewulf RF3060 NEW

Dewulf RF3060: 2-row self-propelled potato harvester with Flexyclean® and bunker NEW

The 9th model of the successful R3060 series was introduced during the Sima fair earlier this year. Potato Europe will be the first opportunity to see the RF3060 in action.

The harvester is equipped with the revolutionary Flexyclean® cleaning unit, a patented variable bypass system in combination with axial rollers, which responds perfectly to any conditions.

The RF3060 enables you to quickly accommodate changing conditions during harvesting and adapt the cleaning intensity without having to shift the harvester's centre of gravity.

Thanks to Flexyclean®, it is possible to distribute the potatoes from 0 to 100% over the axial rollers and still keep fall heights to a minimum.

Quite simply, with the RF3060 you always have the desired level of cleaning and the high quality of the final product is guaranteed.

Miedema combi MHC 241 SZ12

Miedema combi MHC 241 SZ12: Combi machine with soil discharge conveyor and store loader with truck filling belt

The Miedema MHC 241 SZ 12 creates the total solution for buffering, sorting, cleaning, inspecting and transporting your product. This combi is a large capacity machine that provides cleaning by means of 12 coil rollers with Smart-Pin.

Thanks to the integrated sorting table you are able to fill the shed or truck with a perfectly clean product.

Dewulf and Miedema have the pleasure to invite you to attend during the demonstrations of the harvesters and storage technology or pay a visit to stand #41-42.