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Equipment manufacturer Gillenkirch offers solution to detect metal in potatoes
Equipment manufacturer GIllenkirch offers an innovative solution to the Prince Edward Island potato industry after the recent scare involving needles inserted in potatoes. When the potato industry required a system with a very high sensitivity that was easy to operate, Potato Industry equipment specialist Gillenkirch from Dinslaken Germany was quick to react.

As in many situations, to achieve the highest in innovation it takes a well designed system from a company that truly understands the demands of the industry. Gillenkirch with over 45 years of experience building equipment for the potato packing and processing industry all over the world has designed a metal detection system with a high level of technical detail that is also easy to operate and maintain.

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Gillenkirch | MDC | Metal Detector Conveyor

The system takes destoned, washed potatoes and gently creates a mono layer to allow for optimal metal detect and removal of metal contaminated potatoes. Gillenkirch has also incorporated a user friendly software system to help with investigation of metal contaminates, operator warnings and system self diagnoses to operate at the highest level possible while avoiding disruption to production.

RWL - Prince Edward Island’s largest potato wash plant located in New Annan, PEI - was the first Island Company to jump on the solution for their metal detection needs. The owners of RWL quickly realized the value in the Gillenkirch solution and have installed a system capable of effectively inspecting at rate of 130,000 pounds of potatoes per hour. Austin Roberts, one of the owners of RWL is pleased with his decision and has implemented the solution without the need for additional labor and costs other than the initial capital investment.

For additional information or questions regarding this metal detection system, please contact Gillenkirch's agent in Canada, Patrice Landry of Techno Pak, or call +1 (514) 239-7875 or contact Michael Gillenkirch of Gillenkirch in Germany, or call +49 2064 49690.