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Fresh masa for Tortilla Chips made faster without simmer-soak process.

Fresh masa for Tortilla Chips made faster without simmer-soak process with the Heat and Control Masa Maker.
April 8, 2015
Production of corn masa for the production of Tortilla Chips traditionally requires lots of time, water, and floor space.

Now Heat and Control has developed a unique process which eliminates corn simmering, soaking, and washing to produce fresh masa.

The patent-pending Masa MakerTM system produces fresh masa from dry corn in minutes compared to hours required by the traditional simmer/soak process.

Masa Maker needs no steam generator, simmer kettles, soak tanks, or washers and eliminates water discharge and sewage fees.

It allows tortilla and snack manufacturers to produce customized masa almost on demand, eliminating the long lead times for dry corn preparation.

And compared to using pre-milled corn flour, Masa Maker produces masa at a significantly lower cost.

Corn masa - or corn dough - is used to produce corn- and tortilla chips, tortillas, tostadas, taco shells

“This is revolutionary technology which has eluded the industry for decades,” smiles Andy Caridis, Chairman of Heat and Control. “The flexibility of the Masa Maker process allows you to develop unique flavors and textures for your end product,” he explains.

“To truly understand the versatility of this new process, we invite processors to visit our technical center in Guadalajara, Mexico to see how Masa Maker can produce customized masa formulations for many different types of corn products.”

For details, contact Heat and Control at 800 227 5980 or