Haith group washer and sponge drier combination
In 2014 Haith gave their R & D team the task of developing a more reliable and low maintenance roller drier which gives excellent moisture removal on potatoes.

The result of this effort was the Haith direct drive drying system with low voltage high efficient motors connected to each drying roller preventing roller slip when working under load. The machine has spring loaded squeezing rollers running on the underside to remove excess water therefore keeping drying to a maximum.

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The new sponge drier with direct drive

This new design incorporates a special drive coupling between gearbox and roller for simple and easy roller removal and has an option of felt covering or sponge on the drying roller with a collection chute under the roller bed to channel all waste to one outlet.

The machine can be fitted with an automatic roller clearing device to safely remove potatoes when changing varieties or cleaning the line down, all rollers are connected to a common inverter for infinite control of the potato throughput.

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Drying potatoes with the new Haith Sponge Drier with direct drive

The machine comes in standard widths of 900, 1200, 1500mm and can be supplied with any number of rollers and manufactured in stainless steel or painted with stainless steel contact parts.