Haith Group Multi-wash: a look inside the washer

Washing potatoes on an industrial scale

In the ever demanding vegetable packing industry, companies are always looking to increase margins by reducing the amount of waste, while improving the quality of the product supplied to the end user.

Haith Engineers, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of root crop handling machinery, is constantly working on new designs which will not only improve pack out and quality, but also give reduced energy costs, lower water usage and save labour.

The latest concept of the Haith Muli-wash ticks all these boxes.

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A typical set-up of the Haith Multi-wash System

The new Haith Multi-Wash System offers de-stoning-barrel washing and brush polishing all in one unit. The latest and important upgrade is the split barrel which allows the washing section to rotate in the opposite direction to the polishing rollers. The transfer of vegetables from one section to the next is very gentle.

There is a separate inverter speed control on each section giving more flexibility and control over the amount of washing and polishing required. A specific control feature allows simple and fast emptying of the system when changing varieties. Included in the system is a waste removal tank with water recycling.

The compact all in one plug and play design makes installation and set up very simple.

The Haith Multi-Wash System is available in a number of configurations and with a range of options to suit your specific requirements.

This new vegetable washing concept combines all the proven qualities of the popular Haith Supaflume De-stoner with excellent wash quality of the Haith Semi-Submerged barrel washer whilst incorporating polishing with the tried and tested direct drive Haith Root-veg Polisher.

Vegetables are immediately introduced to water as they enter the integral de-stoner, stones and clods are removed before the crop is gently flume fed into the wash barrel. When heavy soil is present and a robust wash is required the water level can be raised so the pintle lined wash barrel is semi-submerged in water, the rubber scroll moves the potatoes through the barrel while the high pressure spray bar works with the rubber pintle to remove engrained dirt from the eyes. The flexibility of the Multi-Wash enables the water level to be lowered, in this mode the potatoes can be sprayed with fresh water.

In the next stage in the washing process, potatoes are gently transferred out of the barrel via an all new cone feeder which uses a soft rubber scroll to deliver the potatoes to brush polisher rollers, directly driven by high efficiency SEW motors, here minor skin defects can be removed and the general appearance of the crop is lifted.