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Potato Washing Equipment

Potato washing equipment

Tong USA’s first year brings US growers & packers more bang for their buck
Tong USA’s first year brings US potato growers & packers more bang for their buck.
TOMRA Launches Customer Service Center In Bengaluru, India
TOMRA Food has opened a new customer service center in Bengaluru, India as part of its efforts to improve the organizations’ responsiveness to all its stakeholders.
HAITH Unveils its 2019 Sample Washer
Haith has launched the 2019 version of its Sample Washer.
Branston Ltd buys Haith’s 1000th vegetable washer to clean potatoes
Haith group is celebrating the sale of its 1000th vegetable washer. The milestone machine, one of a pair, rolled off the production line at the end of last month destined for potato company Branston Ltd.
Tong Engineering's Jacuzzi Pre-Soak tank with integrated destoner leaves no stone unturned
Tong Engineering is introducing a newly designed jacuzzi pre-soak tank with integrated destoner, that offers processors three pre-washing processes in a single unit: destoning, pre-soak and floating debris removal.
Tong announces next generation Barrel Washer for potatoes
Tong Engineering has announced its next generation Barrel Washer as the company continues to advance its complete range of washing solutions for potatoes and other vegetables.
Potato Processing Equipment Manufacturer Kiremko invests in SAP ERP-platform
Continuous improvement is an important topic at Equipment Manufacturer Kiremko. To support its continuous improvement process, Kiremko invested in a new ERP platform (Enterprise Resource Planning). Kiremko selected for SAP S/4HANA.
Nordian Capital has acquired a majority interest in Dutch TecSource (DTS)
Private Equity investor Nordian Capital has acquired a majority interest in Dutch TecSource (DTS), a leading manufacturer of screw blanching equipment for the potato processing industry