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Heat and Control ships new equipment for 5,000 lb/hr of potato chips.

Heat and Control slicer platform (right), washer and Airsweep (left)

Engineered to integrate with a customer’s existing potato handling equipment, a new Heat and Control continuous potato chip slicer feeding, washing, and frying system will boost finished chip production capacity and improve product quality.

To continuously produce 5,000 finished pounds/hour (2,268 kg/hr) of potato chips, the system accepts a high volume of peeled potatoes from the customer’s existing preparation equipment and singulates them into multiple slicers. Accurately feeding potatoes into each slicer increases the yield of whole slices, which consumers prefer.

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Heat and Control Slicer platform

Efficient slicing reduces the amount of scrap transferred to the washer and fryer, so slice washing efficiency is maximized and cooking oil degradation is reduced.

For operator safety and increased productivity, the slicer platform includes a pre-plumbed sink and service station where operators can safely replace blades on the slicer heads.

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Heat and Control slicer platform (right), washer and Airsweep (left)

Before frying, surface starch and potato particles are washed from the slices by Heat and Control’s latest two-stage speed washer. Low water volume and a rapid wash cycle minimize slice breakage and increase finished product yield. Slices are spread in an even mono-layer across the washer’s discharge conveyor to optimize dewatering efficiency, promote uniform cooking, and reduce production of unsalable slice clusters.

After a final fresh water rinse, surface moisture is removed from the slices by a patented AirSweep vacuum blow-off system. Reducing the amount of water carried into the fryer by the slices lowers fryer fuel usage by as much as 8% compared to systems using an air knife alone. Heat and Control offers the AirSweep on all of its potato slice washers and blanchers, and as a de-watering kit to reduce energy usage of freezers.

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Heat and Control PC-50 multi-zone potato chip fryer for the continuous production of 5000 lbs/h finished potato chips

From the washer, dewatered slices enter a new Heat and Control PC-50 multi-zone fryer that continuously produces 5,000 finished pounds per hour (2,268 kg/hr) of potato chips. Oil flow and temperature in the fryer automatically adjust for changes in product load and temperature.

Cooking oil enters the fryer through patented inlets that produce even cooking across the width of the fryer pan. Multiple oil inlets and outlets maintain precise temperature control for consistently uniform finished chips. The oil circulates rapidly through the fryer, filter, and heat exchanger for gentle heating.

This also keeps fines in suspension for efficient removal. 100% of the fryer system’s oil volume is continuously filtered once every minute. Low system oil volume produces a fast oil turnover rate to produce the freshest chips with a long shelf life. The oil filter, main circulation pump, piping, and control valves are all re-assembled on a compact Fryer Support Module to reduce piping runs, installation downtime, and maintenance costs.

An oil cooler is available to quickly reduce the temperature of cooking oil before it is stored after production. This eliminates delays and allows profitable operation to continue longer.

Heat and Control continues to develop efficient and sustainable technology for large and small processors to produce the highest quality potato chips and snacks…which helps explain why most of the world’s potato chips are produced with Heat and Control equipment. Preparation, washing, and frying systems are custom-designed for continuous production from 400 to over 6,500 finished pounds per hour (181 to over 2,948 kg/hr), or for batch frying 150 to over 500 finished pounds per hour (68 to over 227 kg/hr).

For details, call Heat and Control at +1 800 227 5980 or +1 510 259 0500 or e-mail