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Ningxia Yujing Food Co buys turn-key potato processing lines and potato storage from Kiremko and Tolsma-Grisnich
May 27, 2015

Strategic partners Tolsma-Grisnich and Kiremko recently supplied a turnkey project at Ningxia Yujing Food Co. in China.

The project existed out of a complete French fries and hash brown production line including potato storage and grading system.

Strategic cooperation

Kiremko and Tolsma-Grisnich are strategic partners for more than 30 years. The cooperation in China is so strong that both companies share a business support office in Beijing. The same philosophy is applied to emerging markets such as India and Russia.

The strength of the cooperation is that together we can take care of the complete supply chain, from the field up to packed frozen finished product. The project realized for Ningxia Yujing Food Co. is a good example of this.

Potato Storage

Tolsma (part of the Tolsma-Grisnich group) supplied a potato storage with a capacity of 50.000 tons. This bulk storage is equipped with all necessary equipment for long term potato storage.

The complete storage is controlled through the Tolsma climate computer, called VisionControl. More than 60 years of storage experience and knowledge has been integrated in this control system. It is user-friendly and all storage data can be traced by one simple touch on the screen.

Sampling potatoes for quality control

Sampling potatoes for quality control

The infeed, dry-cleaning and sorting of the raw potatoes prior to processing have been supplied through Grisnich (part of the Tolsma-Grisnich group). The supplied equipment consists of accurate grader where the sized potatoes are transported to corresponding bunkers.

The bunkers buffer potatoes prior to the production process. The complete system is integrated with latest technology features to guarantee non-stop production.

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The Ningxia Yujing Food Co Potato Processing Line

The Ningxia Yujing Food Co Potato Processing Line

Kiremko designed, built and installed both complete processing lines from the pre-line up to packaging and casing of the final product. The line is set-up to produce French fries according to the specifications of the well-known QSRs that are active in China and rapidly expanding their number of restaurants and so the volume of French fries consumed in China is constantly growing.

Energy efficient 6000 kg/h French Fry line

The energy efficient processing plant has an output of 6.000 kg French fries per hour. This line is designed with special attention to energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Energy consumption is reduced in several ways. Water from multiple parts of the line is cleaned in a water cleaning unit and can be re-used in washers, pump systems and blanchers.

Beside these savings, all frying vapours are condensed in a specially designed condenser and is used to heat up the process air for the dryer, thereby reducing energy consumption and significantly eliminating exhaust fumes.

For optimal defatting, an Oil Miser® is installed directly after the fryer. Recovered oil from the fried product is brought back to the fryer to minimize oil consumption. This machine also prevents the surface oil on the product from polluting the subsequent process, the cooling/freezing tunnel, and resulting in less fat content in the final product.

Potato Specialty Line (hash browns) for optimal raw material use

For optimal usage of raw material, the second processing line is for hash browns with a finished product capacity of 1.000 kg. per hour.

All product rejected by the sliver remover, length grader or Visionair® optical sorter in the French fries line, is collected and pumped to the hash brown line, so final waste is reduced to a minimum.

Four different types of inserts for the Nex-Gem rotary former are supplied, so different shapes of hash browns can be produced.

The Kiremko ‘Fry by Wire’ specialty fryer is installed in the hash brown line. By controlling the oil level with radar sensors up to the ‘shoulder’ of the hash browns and a hot oil curtain on top of the product, the product is prevented from floating and sticking together. The product flow comes out of the fryer in the exact same order it went in.

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Overview of the facilities

Overview of the facilities

All these technologies together form an efficient unit that can truly be considered state-of-the art, making this plant one of the most advanced potato processing units installed in the region.

It is also another strong reference of Kiremko and Tolsma’s philosophy: Benefit by cooperation.